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We are Now Offering The Revolutionary Bioslimming Wrap...

              *The Bioslimming Wrap is Rated # 1 in France*
Why Choose the Bioslimming Wrap? 
   It has a Unique Formula combining a Multitude of Plant Extracts,
High Concentration of Caffeine, Essential Oils, Algae Extract
& Thermo Agents (more than 60% natural active ingredients).
-Reduces Cellulite & Inches.
-Enhances Weight Loss.
-Dramatically reduces “Orange peel” Skin.
-Slims, Firms & Tones.
-Fights Rebel Fat Deposits.
-Eliminates Toxins.
-Induces Lipolysis and Fat Burning in layer below skin’s surface.
-Improves Appearance of Varicose Veins, Stretch Marks, Prevents
Spider Veins & Capillary Redness.
-Improves Circulation and Metabolism of Fat Cells.
-Increases Consumption of Calories.
-Reduces Feeling of “Heavy “ Legs.
-No Fuss, No Mess, Easy to Use, no in spa shower required.
-Non Compression, Bandage Free Wrap.
-1–2.5 in Lost Around Waist & Thighs on First Application

Bioslimming Wrap Introductory Pricing 
1 Wrap $79.99
4 Wraps $279.99
6 Wraps $389.99
10 Wraps $ 599.99

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